17 Most Horrible And Terrifying Sea Creatures Ever Discovered

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12:00 pm 29 Sep, 2015

In deep sea, life really becomes scary with 90% of the ocean covered in darkness all the time, home to a few terrifying and horrible creatures. When it comes to land, all of us are petrified about zombies and aliens, but the sea has real creatures that can scare the crap out of you.


1. Vampire Squid

It is commonly found deep inside the sea and its tentacles have no suckers at all. It has the largest eye compared to any other animal in the world, which makes them look scary.

2. Frilled Shark

Occasionally this shark comes up to the ocean level. These sharks have three pointed teeth and just one tooth is enough to suck the blood till death results.

3. Pacific Viperfish

This fish lives more than 1,000 ft deep inside the ocean and usually hunts prey with its glowing belly. Their teeth are so big that they are unable to close their mouth.

4. Blobfish

This fish is found in the deep waters off Australia and New Zealand where the pressure is more than the earth’s surface, due to which its body is something like a gelatinous mass.

5. Red Octopus

It is found in the deep waters off the US coast. Its eight arms glow brightly in the ocean. This type of octopus attracts the planktonic prey like insects due to its glowing quality.

6. Bobbit Worm

This is a rare sea creature that grows upto 3 m long and usually remains buried inside the mud to sense prey. Due to its speed of attack and sharp teeth, the prey is sliced into pieces sometime.

7. Venus Flytrap

This creature is found deep inside the sea. It usually waits at one place for some prey to pass by and then it snatches it up. Usually the Venus Flytrap can have sex with themselves if they cannot find any mate.

8. Ribbon Eel

This is one of the most aggressive creatures found in the sea. These creatures can change their color and sex.

9. Carpet Shark

It looks like a rugged mat lying untouched on the sea floor, but the shark rises when he wants to prey on a creature. It usually looks like its dead, as there is hardly any movement that can be traced.

10. Sea Pig

Researchers found a body with several legs crawling along the sea floor; they named it Sea Pigs. They comprise more than 95% of the sea creatures living deep inside the ocean.

11. Stargazer

This is actually a fish that stays inside the mud, where it is like a snake. This fish carries the shock quality with it – where you cannot see it but you experience its deadly bite.

12. Giant Isopod

This is a massive sea creature that has ultimate survival capacity. They can live upto four years without eating anything. They are mostly like scavengers and grow to around 30cm long.

13. Water Bear

This is one of the unbelievable sea creatures. They can live upto two hundred years and survive in extreme environments. They look seriously horrible!

14. Giant Squid

These squids are often demonized due to their size, as they can grow up to 18 meters long, which is equal to a five-storey building. They have big eyes about the size of beach balls.

15. Black Swallower

This is a sea creature that has the greatest consumption capacity as compared to others. Studies say black swallower can prey over ten times its own mass.

16. Fangtooth

Fangtooth is one of the terrifying sea creatures which looks really scary and is very harmful to humans.

17. Giant Spider Crab

This crab lives 1,000 feet below sea level and measures up to 12 feet – claw tip to claw tip. This giant crab can actually nibble your toe off.


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