26 Bizarre Foods Which You Won’t Believe People Eat

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12:00 pm 4 Sep, 2015

So, you all are welcome to the food kingdom where food isn’t food, it is really dangerous and can give you a shock, even when you think about them. We just can’t understand why people eat these foods around the world! Well, take a look at the most awkward foods in the world.

1. The yak is hunted and its penis is cooked and commonly served in China. This delicacy is believed to be good for the skin and also tends to melt in the mouth.

2. Haggis is a common delicacy from Scotland where the heart, liver and lungs of sheep are minced with onion, oatmeal and seasoned with some salt and spices, and cooked inside the animal’s stomach.

3. A 100-year-old egg preserved in clay is served in China; it is quite rotten where the egg white turns black and the skin is green in color and also slimy with translucent jelly.

4. Jing leed is a common dish from Thailand, where grasshoppers are seasoned with salt, chilly, pepper and then deep fried. This dish is commonly believed to taste somewhat like popcorn and the juice which comes out tastes similar to chicken juice.

5. Escamole is a dish from Mexico, in which ant larvae harvested from the roots of plants are fried with some green veggies.

6. There are many worms and insects deep fried and served but bamboo worms from Bangkok are pretty famous.

7. Tuna eye ball is a common dish from Japan, which is available popularly in local markets.

8. Fermented basking shark is one of the common delicacies of Iceland.

9. Sannakji is a raw dish from Korea where little octopus are caught, cut into pieces and served immediately with some seasoning of sesame seeds.

10. This is one of the most horrible delicacies from Cambodia; it has deep fried spiders. Mostly the legs are tastier than the abdomen part.

11. Blood patter, from Sweden, and Veriohukainen, from Finland, are made using pork blood as base mixed with some rice, onion and butter.

12. Chicken feet are delicious if marinated and flavored properly. People in East Asia, South America, South Africa and Caribbean enjoy the dish due to its gelatinous flavor.

13. Balut is often served with some alcohol in southeast Asia, where the duck embryo is boiled alive and is eaten up whole in its egg.

14. Pig blood is a common breakfast from Hungary, where the pig is slaughtered and the blood is cooked with some flavors and raw onions, often served fresh.

15. Fruit bat soup is made from the meat of the bat, with the smell of urine and some fecal matter remaining behind on the body. To make this tasty, they are made with some fresh ginger, onions and different sauces.

16. Severed human toe cocktail is a famous cocktail, where a human toe is dehydrated and preserved with some salt for a few days, before serving them in a liquid. The base of liquid can be anything which you like.

17. Ox penis from Asia has gained worldwide popularity, due to its luscious taste. Ox penis is often served in soup and can also be chomped on as a starter.

18. Can you think of mouth melting chocolate chip cookies, where insects have replaced the choco chips? Yes, wasp crackers are from Japan.

19. Beondegi consists of boiled, steamed and seasoned silk worms which makes it a popular dish for Koreans.

20. Africans compare stink bugs taste to apples, and this is the reason stink bugs are used to flavor stews or eaten on their own.

21. Swiftlet bird makes it nest by collecting some gummy saliva instead of twigs and leaves. Birds nest soup is made out of this nest, which is rubbery in taste.

22. Frog legs are commonly eaten in France and South Asia where the legs of frogs are baked, grilled and fried until it gets a taste of fish. It is served with some chilly or garlic sauce.

23. Through the ages, the meat of the Kangaroo is eaten in Australia which is believed to be high in protein and low in fats.

24. Crocodile meat is considered more tasty and delicious than the meat of chicken, frog or fish in some parts of Australia, South East Asia and Africa.

25. Fried rattlesnake from United States; it is deep fried after coating it with some bread crumbs, salt and flavor.

26. The heart of cobra is taken out while still it’s pumping and dipped immediately into a glass of its own blood. You need to eat it right away while it’s pumping.


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