Tibetan Monk To Treat Composer Aadesh Srivastava’s Critical-Stage Cancer

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6:20 pm 3 Sep, 2015

Vijayata Pandit, wife of Bollywood music composer-singer Aadesh Shrivastava, broke the sad news that the singer is battling cancer and is at a critical stage, reports Indian Express.

Aadesh’s cancer relapsed for the third time and is undergoing treatment at Kokilaben hospital.

His brother-in-law Lalit Pandit said:

“The cancer is on the rise and that has started affecting his organs. He is currently on dialysis.”

The family has now asked help of Tibetan monk, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, for curing the music director. Lalit said that they are pinning their hopes on the renowned doctor. “A few family members have already met him and we are hoping he will be here in a day or two,” he said.


Dr Yeshi Dhonden is known for his prowess in curing advanced stages of cancer. He has successfully proven that Tibetan formulas are safe and non toxic and has cured patients with all kinds of ailments, including AIDS.

It is seen that the rate of survival for people treated with ancient Tibetan herbal therapies is higher than those receiving allopathic cancer treatments alone.

The Himachal Pradesh-based doctor has also been the personal physician of Dalai Lama for 20 years

He finished his medical training at a very tender age of 20 from Men Tsee Khang, the medical college in Lhasa. In 1960, he founded a new Men Tsee Khang in Dharmasala and was both its director and principal until 1979.

Dr Yeshi Dhonden is one of the foremost Tibetan doctors of the world. Over the last 50 years, he has successfully treated patients with all kinds of ailments and especially those in critical stages of cancer.

He has a clinic at McLeod Ganj in Dharmasala.


Dr Yeshi Dhonden with a visitor merkhaba

Dr Yeshi Dhonden with a visitor    merkhaba

Meanwhile, Aadesh’s family is also facing financial hardships with each injection costing Rs 12 lakh.

When asked if Bollywood has helped them financially, Lalit said:

“No, we haven’t received any financial help yet. But we are happy that we have received a lot of blessings.”

Some of the famous composition by talented music composer includes “Say Shava Shava” from K3G, “Mora Piya” from Rajneeti, “Suno na Suno na” from Chalte Chalte amongst others. 


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