This Journalist Wants Donald Trump Assassinated, And She Is Of Indian Origin

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8:16 pm 12 Nov, 2016

It is one thing to preach wannabe journalists impartiality and another to practice it. Nearly every journalist these days has a bias of their own.

One of the finest examples of the nadir that journalistic ethics have hit was seen at the just concluded US Presidential Election, which ended with Republican Donald Trump’s victory. Nearly every major media house was vociferously supporting his rival, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and obfuscating all negative information about her, including damning ones such as the Podesta mails and the Clinton Foundation’s receipts from Saudi Arabia.

And when Trump thumped to victory, some journalists, expectedly, expressed their deep anguish. But in her hatred for Trump, Monisha Rajesh, perhaps, crossed the line.

She posted a tweet calling for the assassination of the President-elect. That tweet was later deleted. But you know, nothing disappears from the Internet.


The Sun

The Sun

Rajesh is of Indian origin. She wrote columns for the Guardian and the Telegraph. Rajesh was born and raised in United Kingdom. In 2010, Rajesh wrote a book titled ‘Around India in 80 Trains’. As the title suggests, the book documents her trip across India in Indian trains.

According to reports, the Guardian responded to questions of their association with her by saying that she is an “infrequent freelance contributor”. They have reportedly terminated her service.

Twitter was abuzz with angry reactions. Some even called for an FBI investigation.


What is quite shocking thing is that had the same call been made for Hillary Clinton by any Trump supporter, a media trial would have ensued. But that’s the hypocrisy of the so-called liberal media.

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