Twenty-Year-Old Stabbed To Death After He Rescues A Woman From Molesters

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6:38 pm 14 Oct, 2015

In a tragic incident, a 20-year-old youth was stabbed to death after saving a women and her kid from molesters in Pallavaram, Chennai.

According to police, Johnson of Baba Koil Street was crossing the Pallavaram Railway Station tracks below the road overbridge on Monday, when he heard a woman, who was breastfeeding her child, crying out for help.

Rushing to her aid, Johnson found that four miscreants were trying to drag the woman from the railway station. Looking at the scenario, Johnson immediately intervened to save the woman but was later stabbed.

Talking about the incident a Government Railway Police officer said:

“During our investigation we learnt that a group of four men were molesting the fruit vendor – a 30-year-old woman. They pulled her hand repeatedly. When Johnson noticed it, he rushed to her help. He punched Karthik (one of the four accused) and managed to save the woman, who rushed back to her child and then went home.”

The Police then said that while the woman escaped, Karthik then reportedly pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed Johnson.

The other three soon followed suit and stabbed Johnson. They then fled the spot leaving him in a pool of blood.

The incident reportedly happened at about 9 pm on Monday night and passers-by only noticed the youth lying amidst the bushes after two hours.

A team from GRP station, Tambaram got to know about the incident and reached the spot at about 11 pm, two hours after the incident had taken place and took Johnson to the Tambaram Taluk Government Hospital in Chromepet, where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

He had several stab injuries in the chest, abdomen and back.


It is being said poor illumination along the stretch could be one of the reason for the delay in discovering Johnson’s body.

Johnson, who was a painter by profession, was a daily-wage labourer and was on his way to the station to board a train to go home when the incident took place.

While the police have identified three of the four suspects — Karthik, Sathish, ‘Nondi’ Sullan and another man – the four are still at large.

Police have said that the four suspects were drunk at the time of the incident and had even assaulted Ramamurthy – a 25-year-old passer-by, robbed his mobile phone and Rs.5000 just minutes before stabbing Johnson.

Further elaborating on what might have happened, the police said: “It is clear that Johnson’s gesture helped the woman get away. She possibly could even have seen the victim being assaulted, perhaps not very well, as she was at a distance.”


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