A 23-year-old Woman Was Molested Underwater Where She Was Too Powerless To Protest

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7:04 pm 21 Apr, 2015

Is there any new low that men can’t stoop to?  The case of a 23-year-old woman who was molested underwater is another slap on our society and administration.

In her narrative, shared by Youth Ki Awaaz, the victim said that her diving instructor Mr. Dhiraj Singh (name changed) molested her underwater for 40 minutes while she was helpless.

Describing the horrific details about the incident, the victim said :

“My instructor had my breathing equipment in his control and my oxygen tank in his hands. But as we swam across the corals, the fish and the fluorescent-coloured plants at the very bottom of the Arabian Sea, his hands were no longer on my diving equipment. First one hand, then the other and finally both. I cringed in shock. I tried to shake his hands away from my body but in vain. The shock slowly turned to fright when his hands began to move across my body. I tried to break free but the grasp was too tight. He then signalled asking me if I was okay. I signaled with an ‘OK’. 12 meters below sea level, with my breathing equipment under his control, I didn’t dare show any fear.”

After she reached her boat where her friends were waiting, she confronted him in front of her friends and other trainers, recorded his confession, and filed an FIR.

There are already three FIR against the 46-year-old accused.


Further to ‘protect others’ and also to teach him a lesson, the victim has filed a complaint with PADI, the world’s largest diver training and membership organization, and are currently awaiting their response.

“We are awaiting the final hearing date after which if proven guilty, he will serve a term of up to 3 years in prison. 3 years of imprisonment is a very small punishment for a monster who has permanently scarred the lives of so many girls by taking undue advantage of the silence of their screams underwater.”

The victim showed exemplary courage by taking immediate action against her tormentor and going to the extent of ensuring that other girls do not fall victim to such a barbaric inhuman. 

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