Modus Operandi

Every article featured on TopYaps is a painstakingly researched masterpiece which brings to you the best of the best in any field. The work is entirely different here. At TopYaps we follow a preset procedure to ensure authenticity and merit so as to give each article on the website a true and fair look.

The procedure is simple. Each article is meticulously studied by a panel of experts including the writer at the time of conceptualization. The writer has to first prepare his own list in brief and discuss it with the experts at TopYaps and/or eminent persons who may be directly or indirectly related to the subject of the article. This discussion helps both the writer and the publisher in getting an experienced overview on the subject based on which the whole article can be easily written. It also helps in making sure that the articles are almost free from errors.

However, since TopYaps is a place where anyone can contribute with an article, the final say on the structure of the article lies with the author, provided s/he is able to validate his/her point.

An example will definitely help in getting a clearer picture. If a person decides to prepare a list of top ten predators then he/she will first have to provide a list of more than ten predators (say 15) to the publishers/editorial department (the panel) of TopYaps. Besides, s/he will also have to submit the ranked order of each predator briefly describing why the element has been assigned the particular rank. The panel at TopYaps might ask the writer to make some minor changes to the order of presentation which may include removal of an element, inclusion of an element and interchanging of ranks between elements. In case the writer sticks to his point of view then the onus lies on him/her to convince the panel with logical and, at times,  verifiable reason. If the panel is satisfied with the writer’s point of view then the article will be published once it is fully written.

Only after the discussion the writer will proceed with completion of the article including the introduction. After the article is completed it is proof-read by the panel. The grammar and language is checked to ensure quality of the write-up though we are fully aware that our writers are competent enough so as not to make such errors.