The Complete Breakdown Of PM Narendra Modi’s Expenditure On His International Travels

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6:34 pm 14 Sep, 2015

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon be leaving for another foreign trip. You already know that the cost of 16 of his 20 foreign trips have come to around Rs.37 crore (a report in The Hindu says it’s Rs.41.1 crore). But do you know where he spent that money?

The RTI that gave you the figure is far more detailed than that peripheral information you are aware of.

The query, filed by a retired Indian navy officer Lokesh Batra, gives us details of exact amount the Prime Minister spent in almost every country and city he was in.

He shared that data with the Wall Street Journal. Here is an interactive chart showing the breakdown of the expenditure in a few select countries that shared the data with Batra.

Of course, his expenses in New York City have been the highest owing to the high cost of living there. But we must not forget that South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka and France did not share information.    


There is no such info of Modi’s Washington leg of the US journey.

The Prime Minister will be visiting the US later this month to meet heads of IT giants in the Silicon Valley. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already confirmed his presence.


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