Modi’s Dusshera Special: Terrorism Is Enemy Of Humanity; Supporters Won’t Be Spared

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8:29 pm 11 Oct, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Dusshera address at Lucknow said that terrorism is the enemy of humanity and those who promote and help terror won’t be spared.

“Terrorism is the biggest enemy of humanity … it knows no boundaries, it is bent only on destruction. Those who promote and help terror, we will not spare them.Those who destroy our world are ‘modern day Raavan’,” he said.


He also said that we should all promise to kill the Ravan within ourselves and the society.

“We burn Ravan every year, what does it teach us? Every time we do that, we should promise to kill the Ravan within ourselves and the society.Ramayana is the witness that the first fighter against terror was Jataayu, who fought for a woman’s honor,” he said.


Further, weighing on the existing debate on triple talaq, he indirectly said that women need to be respected irrespective of their religion.


This was PM Modi’s first public address after India’s surgical strikes across the Line of Control. Before the PM’s speech, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who is also the parliamentarian from Lucknow, told the audience, “The PM has proved to the world that India is not weak,” referring to the cross-border strikes.

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