PM Modi Took A Tiger’s Photograph And Twitteratis Couldn’t Take It

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11:53 am 2 Nov, 2016

By now almost everyone is aware of our PM’s obsession with the camera. He absolutely loves getting clicked and selfies are something that suit him best!



But, the scene was a little different when he went to inaugurate Nandan Van Zoo and tiger safari in Naya Raipur, on his visit to Chhattisgarh on its 16th Foundation Day. People witnessed a rare side of PM Modi when he preferred being at the other end of the camera and clicked a few pictures of a tiger.

He posted some photographs of the zoo on Twitter. The hilarious part was, it wasn’t a photograph of the tiger alone, it was a picture of him taking a picture of the tiger.


Twitteratis couldn’t digest this rare yet funny sight and started a trail of amusing trolls and memes.


Kejriwal’s unnecessary thinking…





At the right place?



Modi trying to copy Nehru’s lifestyle?


Bhakt’s bhakti at its best…


Next cover photo of Ramdev…



BJP mocking SS?


Here is a video as well. Enjoy!


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