PM Modi Suggests Courts And Bar Councils To Become Tech Savvy And Post Annual Bulletins

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3:04 pm 13 Mar, 2016

At the closing ceremony of centenary celebrations of Patna high court, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that Indian courts should start coming out with an annual bulletin.

Modi said that these bulletins would highlight the oldest cases being tried by them and help create sensitivity on its pendency.


Besides the annual bulletin, PM Modi also sought suggestions on making the bar, bench and courts tech-savvy.

He said that the concept of Digital India should also be injected in their functioning.



Addressing the people, Modi said:

“I have to make a suggestion on an idea I just thought about and that is can our courts every year bring out a bulletin that highlights the oldest cases pending before them. Some may be 40 years or 50 years old and that could create sensitivity among people on the pendency of cases in the court. This would inspire others to do something about the pendency. It is not wrong to do so. This could help create an atmosphere to come out of the problem of pendency of case,”

He spoke about adding technology in all spheres of life, which he said will make the bar, bench and courts more efficient as using using digital technology will help in improving the quality of judgments and arguments in court.

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