GST Is A Crucial Step Towards Freedom From Tax Terrorism, Says PM Modi

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8:41 pm 8 Aug, 2016

Hailing GST bill, which was recently passed in Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that its a crucial step towards freedom from tax terrorism and will make consumer the ‘king’.

“The new indirect taxation regime, which will subsume 7-13 taxes, will help end corruption as traders will be compelled to give proper bills and the consumer will be the king,” he said in Lok Sabha.


PM Modi

PM Modi

Further, he said that GST isn’t a victory of a party or government, rather it is the victory for democratic ethos of India.

“GST can’t be seen as a victory of a party or government. It is the victory for democratic ethos of India and a victory for everyone. The measure was being supported by all parties, irrespective of different ideologies,” he said.

PM Modi admitted that manufacturing states will suffer losses but said they will be compensated.


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