This Guy Is Doing Modi’s Mimicry So Perfectly That It’s Breaking The Internet

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5:57 pm 1 Dec, 2016

It hardly takes any time for news to spread like wildfire on the internet. A similar thing happened when a ten rupee note with “Sonam Gupta bewafaa hai” written on it started trending.



All the creative minds started working and we came across some amazing trolls and memes. But, believe us, this one is the funniest.

22-year-old, Shyam Rangeela, a mimicry artist made a video showing how PM Modi will react on Sonam Gupta bewafaa hai”.  Take a look at his video


The video went so viral that Shyam Rangeela became famous. His talent got recognition and even BBC Hindi called him to their office where they went live with Shyam Rangeela.

Here is his interview with BBC Hindi…

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