Modi Talks Islamic State With Jordanian King; Says Terror And Religion Have No Connection

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1:07 pm 27 Sep, 2015

The rampaging progress of the Islamic State in north of Middle East has set alarm bells ringing across the world.

Though much is needed to be done to control, forget eliminate the Islamic State threat, India has been the most vocal among South Asian and South East countries about actions against ISIS.

In a meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his concerns regarding the threat posed by ISIS and called it “one of the greatest challenges” facing the international community.


Jordan itself has been at war with ISIS. Islamic State militants had on January 3 this year burned to death a Jordanian Air Force pilot.

The IS controlled territories are very close to the Jordanian border.

In his meeting, Modi also emphasised on the need to de-link terrorism from religion as a weapon in the fight against terror.

According to External Affairs Ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup, he also discussed ways to prevent radicalisation of youth and to counter extremist messaging.

But Modi also pointed out that tackling ISIS in an effective manner would require a coordinated global response – something that is absent as of now. He urged the international community to adopt a comprehensive convention on international terrorism.

Modi’s concerns about the Islamic State threat is not unfounded. India is fast becoming a major recruiting ground for ISIS militants.

Even Home Minister Rajnath Singh admitted that ISIS has been using online recruitment methods, which are posing a major security challenge for the country.


Security agencies in India have been preventing many disillusioned youth from joining the barbaric Islamic terrorist group. This is one of the major areas of concern for Indian security agencies.

Since there are large numbers of Indian citizens working in the Middle East, any advance of ISIS militants in and around the region puts their lives at risk.

During Modi’s tour to the Gulf country, India and UAE agreed to cooperate on a strategic level against terrorism. UAE also supported India’s call for dismantling of terror infrastructure wherever they exist without naming Pakistan.


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