PM Modi Makes A Special Stop In Afghanistan To Inagurate India-Afghanistan Friendship Dam

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2:33 pm 4 Jun, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who began his five-nation tour on June 4 made a special stop in Afghanistan for a short period to inaugurate the India-Afghanistan Friendship Dam (Salma Dam) before he heads to Qatar.


After Qatar, Modi is slated to head out to Switzerland, Mexico and then finally head to the United States.


Making a special stopover in Afghanistan, Modi headed to Herat province to inaugurate dam.


Afghan citizen holding Indian Flag near the Salma DamPIP

Afghan citizen holding Indian Flag near the Salma DamPIP

India has played an integral role in building this dam which is set to irrigate 75,000 hectares of land and generate 42MW of power.

The Salma Dam project was undertaken by India’s WAPCOS Ltd, which is a Government of India undertaking. The Dam has been built on the Chist-e-Sharif river costing a total of Rs.170 crore.

In the past the project faced several challenges such as security problems, but last year in July after a long struggle, water finally started flowing in the dam.

The project is considered as a symbol of India’s engagement in Afghanistan.


Herat, which shares a border with Iran, has a long history of wars on its land, including that of Alexander the Great, Mongols and Arabs, who had fought for its control.

Besides PM Modi Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was also be present at the event.


PM Modi during his last visit in December had also inaugurated the new parliament building of the Afghans which was constructed by India as well.

In a gesture that proves how valued India is to Afghanistan, PM Modi was honoured with Amir Amanullah Khan Award, the nation’s highest civilian honour.



Afghan President Ashraf Ghani honouring PM Modi with the country’s highest civilian honour. MEA

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