Modi Becomes Second Most Followed Leader On Twitter, Overtakes Pope

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6:32 pm 23 Sep, 2015

According to Inshorts Facebook, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just became the world’s second most followed leader on micro blogging site Twitter, and has now overtaken one of the world’s most popular religious leader’s, the Pope, in the process.

Modi, who as of now has 15.1 million followers on his Twitter page  and has 30,278,697  likes on his Facebook Page, is known to be an active Tweeter and Facebook user and has used the online platform to convey his message many times.

Twitter - Modi

Twitter – Narendra Modi


On the other hand, Pope Francis just has about half the numbers of followers on Twitter, with just over 7.23 million followers and  doesn’t even have any official Facebook page.

Twitter - Pope Francis

Twitter – Pope Francis


But even with a staggering figure of 15.1 million followers on Twitter, Modi is far behind the current US President and dear friend Barak Obama when it comes to Twitter popularity as Obama currently has more than four times his followers with 64.2 million followers on Twitter and 44,613,473 likes on Facebook.

Twitter - Barak Obama

Twitter – Barak Obama

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