13 Amazing Mixers You Must Try With Your Alcohol!

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10:00 am 17 Jul, 2015

After college years of rum & coke followed by a few distinguished years of whisky on the rocks, you do tend to get bored of the stuff you drink. Not to mention the cocktails you have at your favourite watering holes are too complicated to make and too expensive to have on a regular basis!

So what do we do in this case? We love drinking and we want to have tasty stuff without shelling out a bomb for it too!

Here is a list for all you alcohol fans that will add in some variety and not have you running to the grocer for a bottle of coke each time you want to enjoy a drink at your own place.

13 amazing mixers apart from soft drinks, soda and water that will have you falling in love with your alcohol, once again!

1. Iced tea

Super simple! Ice cold water, scoop of iced tea, some extra sugar and your favourite drink! Goes well with dark and white liquors.


2. Black coffee

A shot of black coffee, warm or cold water as you like it, dark or white liquors and lights off!


3. Black tea

Black tea is always a good investment. Make fresh strong black tea with more sugar than you usually have. Mix half and half of water and vodka or white rum, add to the steaming cup of tea and have immediately before the alcohol evaporates.


4. Coffee

A latte goes with white or dark rum beautifully. Put in an espresso shot, ease in some liquor, top with milk foam. Have at leisure.


5. Rose milk

Remember the rose milk we used to have as children? Now have it like a proper adult. Make sure the milk is chilled. Vodka and white rum go the best with this.


6. Falooda

The baap of Rose Milk, have an alcohol blended falooda! Put in the seviya and sabja at the bottom of the glass. Put in a shot of vodka or white rum. Pour half a glass of chilled rose milk. Top with vanilla ice cream! Highly delicious, deliciously high!


7. Lime juice

The easiest one to make and goes exceedingly well with gin and vodka! It may sound like a cheap cousin of the other mixers, but don’t be surprised if you become a loyal fan. Make it sweet or salty, as you like it!


8. Chocolate

Get a slab of your favourite milk/dark chocolate. Heat a kadai with water in it. Put the slap of chocolate in a separate smaller bowl and float that on top of the hot water in the kadai. As the chocolate melts but doesn’t get hot, pout in dark rum, tequila, vodka, cognac, sherry, or brandy in it. Put off the gas, stir, have, be blissful.


9. Kokam sarbat

Another delicious drink to have vodka, white rum, gin or silver tequila with. The deep purple colour just adds to the experience, so have in a transparent glass! And diabetics can have Kokam too!


10. Chaas

Vodka and chaas should be the national cocktail of India! Top with jeera powder, pudina and a bit of salt! Have chilled!


11. Lassi

If chaas goes with vodka, so does Lassi! Don’t forget to whip it well and to top with cream!


12. Coconut milk

Coconut milk, jaggery and Toddy. Enough said.


13. Aam panha

India’s favouritest summer drink associated with so many memories goes so well with vodka, you would wonder why you have never tried it earlier in your life.



What are your favourite unconventional mixers that you use with your alcohol?

Do try these and tell us how you like them too!


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