18 Mistakes Of Life You Understand When You Grow Old

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10:00 am 7 Aug, 2015

Life of a youth is the prized epoch of life, where we think everything is moving flat and fine, like a dramatized fairy tale. During this eon of life, we are sure to commit innumerable blunders which we realize only when grown old. This is the reason you ask older (than you) people for advice, as they have already been through this juncture and realized their mistakes. Here are 18 mistakes of life you’ll understand only when you grow old.

1. When you grow old you will realize that drinking alcohol is not only the way to beat stress.


2. As we grow old, we start to realize the value of family over friends whom we valued more than relatives once.


3. There are many more things to be esteemed in this world – other than wealth.


4. Obviously late, but we realize the importance of being attentive in school and college lectures.


5. Poking into someone else’s life and getting into unwanted fights always dragged us into problems.

We learned to stay out of controversies.


6. We learned to stop judging people on looks and jobs.


7. Holding grudges about associates’ actions was a major but useless waste of time.


8. Planning and plotting to get hold of your love was a futile exercise.


9. Instead of pretending to be someone else, we should have stayed real.


10. We realize the value of time which we wasted interacting with someone random over social media.


11. Regretting the opportunities that came to our doorstep and we missed.


12. We learned to speak the truth, which we once thought to be a bad idea.


13. Drinking alcohol, or smoking cigarettes and weed should just be a part of your life, not the whole of it.


14. Being busy was sometimes a waste of time, it was not productive either.


15. Blaming others for your misfortune was unproductive.


16. Getting into crappy relationships and wasting all of your money and time was stupid.


17. Saving money and not enjoying life, when you could have actually done that.


18. Not supporting your friends who always stood by you at the time of trouble.



If you are a grown-up adult, would you like to share some mistakes that you realized you made when you got older?


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