Nambudiri Brahmins Of Kerala Are Demanding Minority Reservation Status

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6:04 pm 16 Sep, 2015

The most prominent outfit of Nambudiri Brahmins of Kerala, also transliterated as Namboothiri, is demanding minority status. They argue that their numbers are lesser in comparison to other castes in the state.

Akkeeraman Kaladasan Bhattathirippad, the president of the Yogakshema Sabha, called for a change in reservation norms and said that it should be calculated on the basis of economic capacity of a person.

The Nambudiri claim that the 1963 Kerala Land Reforms Act and the 1970 amendment of it took away the main livelihood of the once landowning community.


The Act gave tenants the right to purchase property from the owners, if the owner of the land was a religious, charitable or educational institution, by applying to a land tribunal.

Most temples in Kerala lost their income and so did the traditionally temple-dependent Nambudiri. Most of them became poor.

Bhattathirippad says that the government’s assistance in various forms, including reservation, are required for better living of many members of the Brahmin community.


He also suggested that minority status should not be calculated on the basis of national level assessment but should be done state-wise.

“There should be changes in the norms for giving reservation in view of the just-released data of the Caste and Religion Census. Brahmins should be given minority status.”

The Yogakshema Sabha will be taking up the matter at its three-day state conference scheduled from Saturday, which is to be inaugurated by Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani.

“We will submit a memorandum to Central government raising various issues including minority status and reservation policy,” Bhattathirippad said.


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