Minor Girl Beaten Because Her Shadow Fell On A ‘High Caste’ Person

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6:05 pm 16 Jun, 2015

A minor Dalit girl from Ganeshpura village in Chattarpur was beaten by a bunch of hooligan women who were angry that the girl’s shadow had fallen on a family member.

The incident occurred on June 13 when the girl was filling water at a hand pump in the village. Muscleman Puran Yadav happened to cross the area and the girl’s shadow fell on him. Yadav apparently did not have much going on in his life because this tiny incident really festered in his mind.


Yadav’s female family members then got involved and proceeded to beat up the girl, threatening to kill her if they ever saw her at the hand pump again.

How they managed to beat a girl without touching her or her shadow is a mystery to me. Because it seems like in the process of avenging the shadow touch, they indulged in a lot of real touching; or is it okay to touch a Dalit person when you are beating them?


The Yadav family then tried to prevent the girl’s family from lodging a complaint but a complaint was filed at Gadi Malhera police station the same day.

A case has been registered against the accused under sections 323, 341 and 506 of the IPC. Further investigation of the matter is taking place. Meanwhile, there continue to exist in this world people who have nothing else to be proud of but their caste. Poor things.



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