Bengali Actress Mimi Chakraborty Chases Culprits Escaping In Car And Gets Them Arrested

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6:10 pm 20 Jan, 2016

Bengali actress Mimi Chakraborty played a real life heroine when she chased down an escaping car that had hit a biker.

Mimi, a top actress in Bengali film industry, was returning from a show on the night of January 18 when she saw a car hit a bike and dragging the biker for some 3-4 km on a road in Kolkata.

She recalls:

“I was returning in my car after a show around 11.30 pm when I saw a car hitting a bike. The biker was dragged by the culprits’ car before they halted in Lake Town. Not a single car or person stopped by to help.”

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File photo of Mimi Chakraborty

But unlike other citizens who shunned away from their responsibility, Mimi asked her driver to chase the car.

Soon, her car overtook the culprits’ vehicle. She got down and took photos of the license plate of the car and the men inside it.

“There were two men in the car who looked drunk. They pleaded with me to forgive them but I lost my cool and started hitting them along with my bouncers,” she said.


Kolkata Police uasvision

Kolkata Police

After that, she called up her lawyer who informed the Lake Town police station about the incident. The biker, who was identified as Rakesh Aggarwal, was taken to the hospital. He is in critical condition.

“Raju Banerjee and Brojo Banerjee were in the car (WB 06C 3126) and have been booked under IPC’s Section 308,” said an official from Baguihati police station.

But, what shocked Mimi was the attitude of the people. “Instead of helping the victim, people stopped by to click my pictures,” she said.

Bengal’s film industry took to Twitter to applaud Mimi’s courage.


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