MiG-27 Fighter Jet Crashes Into House In Jodhpur; Pilot Ejects To Safety, No One Injured

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1:49 pm 13 Jun, 2016

Two houses were damaged but one was injured when a MiG-27 fighter jet of the Indian Air Force crashed in Jodhpur on Monday morning.

The pilot ejected out to safety. According to reports, the plane crashed shortly after take-off. A Court of Inquiry into the incident by the Air Force.




According to PTI, the pilot had reported a technical problem and sought priority landing, but, an IAF source said, the engine failed.

The inquiry will reveal what exactly led to the crash but crashes have been plaguing the Indian Air Force for a long time now.




This is the ninth fighter jet crash since January 2014, the fifth since January 2015 and the second involving a MiG-27.

MiG-27s are among the ageing fighter jets serving the force. Built by Soviet Russia, the jet has seen action in many wars and has proved to be a highly competent machine.




Over the years, more agile and sturdier fighters replaced the MiG-27 fleet in the countries which operated them. Today, the jet finds employment only in India and Sri Lanka.

As part of its modernization drive, the India Air Force plans to phase out the MiG-27s from 2018-2020. It currently operates around 165 of these fighters.

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