Microsoft Launches First-Ever Laptop And Its Performance Is Two Times Faster Than Apple’s

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12:54 pm 7 Oct, 2015

Yes, you read that right! Finally, the Microsoft Surface Book is here. And going by industry reviews, it is two times faster than Apple’s Macbook Pro. This 13-inch laptop is the fastest ever created device weighing a little more than three pounds (around 1.5 kgs). Its features and capabilities have already blown away those who attended Microsoft’s Surface Book launch event.

It will be available October 26 starting at $1,499. Have a look to its gorgeous design.

1. A single piece of magnesium has been used to make the Microsoft Surface Book.




2. It has a dynamic fulcrum hinge which enhances the aesthetics of the design.




3. It can be used as a tablet by removing the muscle wire lock from the display.




4. You can draw on it like a clip board by flipping it around.




5.The trackpad can support five-point multi-touch and is made of precision glass.




6.Surface Book is powered by Intel’s sixth-generation Core i7 chip and an incredibly fast graphics card from NVIDIA.

It also comes with up to 16GB of RAM and 1 terabyte of storage space.




7. Backlit, ergonomic keyboard solves the problem of working in the dark.

Though this is a common feature in most computers these days.




8. The keypad design looks unbelievably cool.




9. Better late than never, they have launched a laptop one of its kind.




10. It comes with two USB ports and a full-size SD card.




11. And 12 hours battery backup, what else do you desire?




12. India might have to wait for some time to buy this sleek, beast of a machine.




Credit: techinsider

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