Mia Khalifa Says She’ll ‘Never Step Foot In India’ So Bigg Boss Is Out Of The Question

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12:42 pm 16 Sep, 2015

Mia Khalifa is not coming to India. In fact, she has strongly asserted that she’ll never set foot in India. That throws all of those rumour mongers claiming that she’ll participate in Bigg Boss 9 out of the window.

This is what she tweeted:

The porn superstar was among the many ‘probables’ to grace the hit Indian adaptation of UK’s Big Brother. Most of them have clarified that they are not part of the show.

What lent strength to Mia Khalifa’s rumoured arrival is the fact that Bigg Boss has had former porn star Sunny Leone in Season 5.

Sunny, who had quit the porn industry before coming to India, is now a much sought after Bollywood actress appearing in many films, music videos and advertisements.

Mia’s decision has left many in India heartbroken:





Though some questioned her “never step foot in India” remark too:




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