MH370 Debris Found Near Reunion Islands – Over 3500 Kms From Crash Site

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8:06 pm 30 Jul, 2015

A part of the debris of a plane located along the coast of Reunion Islands in the western part of Indian Ocean on Wednesday could be of the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370.

Reunion, a French territory about 600 km east of Madagascar, is some 4000 kms from the original search area in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean.


MH370, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people onboard – 227 passengers and 12 crew members – vanished on March 8, 2014, the first and the only Boeing 777 to have disappeared over an ocean.

The wreckage found on Reunion resembles a flaperon – a moving part of the wing surface – from a Boeing 777. A battered suitcase has also been found. It is believed that ocean currents may have carried the wreckage to Reunion.


Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said the findings will be shipped by French authorities to Toulouse for investigation, The Telegraph reported.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said there was a number – BB670 – on the wreckage that may help investigators in the identification process. According to a CNN report, he said it wasn’t a serial or registration number but could be a maintenance number.


The bag found in the wreckage. The Telegraph

The bag found in the wreckage. The Telegraph

The debris was found by islander Johnny Bègue and his team of eight coastline cleaners, reports The Guardian.



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