16 Powerful Messages You Get From The Movie ‘Piku’

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6:00 pm 23 Jun, 2015

We are blessed to have some special breeds of actresses in Bollywood who dare to push their boundaries and step forward to work in a movie with no mushy-mushy love stories. ‘Piku’ was one such film. The movie didn’t have any proper plot to work on but it shouted loud with powerful messages and great acting of Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan.


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1. Like small kids our parents need attention when they grow old. So be calm when they pull stunts just to grab your attention and love them.

“Piku, I want to go cycling around Kolkata and I am still young!”


2. You should never forget your roots, no matter how much miles you have walked ahead to become rich and grow independent.

Bhaskor Da insists Piku to leave her job and take her back to Kolkata, where he dies a silent death.


3. If you don’t have your life beyond family then don’t worry because your family is everything to you and you create a ‘difference’ in their life.

“I don’t want Piku to get married; it should be only ‘Baba’ in her life.”


4. Keep reminding yourself the table has gone around and there comes a moment where your parents want to tail you like kids everywhere you go. So calm down!


5. The relation between father and daughter is very special.

There comes a moment when Bhaskor Da speaks to guy that Piku is not virgin and not to think about her as a life partner.


6. They will make mistake when growing old. They want to do anything and everything beyond their reach. Don’t lose your calm and fuss it away.

Amitabh suffers from constipation so Piku makes it sure he is served khichadi with no achaar and salt. As a result Bhaskor Da hides the salt container so that none of them enjoy delicious food in the house.


7. Every daughter should try to meet all the fancy, and sometimes childish, needs of her father.

Piku wants a break in her life as she is tired struggling between her father’s health and office workload. Still, she decides to take her baba back to Kolkata to make him happy.


8. Never ask your secretary to read your personal messages loud. That can be embarrassing.

“Piku today potty was somewhat like a mango pulp but I didn’t enjoy.” Slap* Slap*


9. Women should be independent and make their own choices.

Bhaskor Da wanted Piku to live her life by her ‘own choice’ and never get married. According to him, a woman gets tied down after marriage, which is against his code of ethics.


10. Bold Piku becomes an independent daughter who holds a successful professional career after her mother’s death and took lessons from her father.

Adorable Piku respects her father’s view of not getting married, so decides to concentrate on her career.


11. Guarding your parents in their old age is what they think is your full time job.

They did it for you and now you have to take care of them.


12. Road trips are awesome and sometimes you meet some new cool people like Rana.


13. You have to agree with your parents just because you have to.

They are not wrong anywhere it is just the difference in their age with thinking.


14. Piku is a modern girl, yet she finds herself easily connecting to the traditional roots and culture of her family.

When Piku goes back to Kolkata, she realises her cultural roots and his father’s love for the city.


15. Love can happen between anyone and without any materialistic need.

Piku and Rana secretly fall with each other during their road trip. But the love was more platonic than anything else.


16. Loving the old and agreeing to their fierce opinions and judgements will make everyone happy – even you.


Piku is a responsible daughter who shoulders the responsibility of her ageing father.


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