Millions Die Of Hunger Every Year. If You’re Still Wasting Food Then Read This Message

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5:09 pm 7 May, 2016

According to the annual report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, India is home to 194.6 million undernourished people, the highest in the world. Around the world, 795 million people — or around one in nine — are undernourished.



Despite this a large number of people are habitual food wasters – whether they do it consciously or unconsciously.

Such startling figures compelled the canteen of Tata Consultancy Services in Bengaluru to think twice before overloading their plate.

Here is the message they placed on the notice board:

Earlier, a person shared a message on LinkedIn which went somewhat like this: “Don’t waste food, I can afford, you can afford, but the nation can’t afford.”

The message is clear: the wastage of food must stop. Some of the ways that you can adopt are: cook leftovers. Share food with your neighbours.



The next time you throw good food to your bin, ask yourself: how many starving Indian families would approve of your actions?

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