8 Things Men Can Do To Make Women Fall For Them

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6:00 pm 4 Nov, 2015

No, you don’t have to be any Raj from ‘DDLJ’ or Jack from ‘Titanic’. You just cannot be anyone of them because real life is way too different from reel life. They get the chance for retakes and rehearsals while shooting a scene of a movie but all you get is one chance to leave an impression.

These simple gestures can make you a star in her eyes…


1. Put your brain to work and make plans.

A man making plans is as exciting as him proposing. Take her to dinner, or plan afternoon walks. She will consider everything as your effort to maintain a relationship.


2. Be a good listener and she will be impressed.

Listen to her and her yapping without any complaints and be patient, you will get back some good results.


3. Speak your feelings.

Show some vulnerability and tell her your honest feelings. This will increase your comfort zone and bring you closer.


4. Women generally love men who know how to cook.

If you know your way around the kitchen you will be considered cute. Cooking takes patience and shows them that you’re cherish-worthy.


5. Go shopping with them.

Mostly ladies love shopping, accompany them and you will get bonus points if you give your opinion.


6. Try doing some compromises.

If you do things which you are not eager about for your significant other, dude you gonna get a hundred on hundred for sue!


7. Display some affection and make her feel that ‘she is the one’.

No, not PDA but accept her in pubic and flaunt your girl with pride, do small special things for her and you are on the right track.


8. Love her family and she will love you back.

Girls just love it when you give importance to their family and accept them as yours. She will feel that you want a future with her.

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