Medical Students Who Threw Dog Fined Rs. 2 Lakh Each By Their University

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12:55 pm 1 Sep, 2016

Months after the horror video of a medical student throwing a dog from a two-story terrace went viral, the final year students are being fined Rs. 2 lakh each by the MGR Medical University.

The fine which might relieve the animal rights activists though will put Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act lawmakers to shame.


The two culprits, Gautam Sudarshan who had thrown the dog and his friend Ashish Pal who had videotaped the incident, were identified just days after the video went viral.

Many, along with the media even crowd-sourced information to trace the perpetrators, who were finally caught and arrested.

Unfortunately,  they were almost immediately released on bail as the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has not been updated for many decades and under which they only got a minor fine of Rs. 10 and Rs. 50.

The acquittal had enraged many animal rights activists who over the weeks demanded the law to be updated.


Thus, following a direction by the Madras High Court, a committee constituted by the MGR Medical University decided to impose a more substantial fine on the students.

 “We discussed a lot on this. This should never happen. That’s the idea behind the fine.”


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