11 Reasons to Mechanize Yourself With Robot Parts

8:18 pm 16 Feb, 2015

Ever watched ‘Terminator’? Ever wanted to be like the Terminator? Well, why wouldn’t you? He’s freaking awesome. The terminator is one of several movies about humanoids (part human and part robots) that pushes our imaginations to the point of impossibility. Just why would anyone want to be part human and part robot?

1. Live forever

With a consciousness that can be uploaded to a cloud or server, you could potentially live forever with a computer for a brain.

Live on forever


2. Perform superhuman acts

While our bodies can only exert so much of force; with robot body parts, you could pull of a ‘Krrish’ every day of the week.

3. Upgradeable parts

Feeling out-of-date? Just pop by your local shop and replace your parts. It’s that simple.

Upgradeable parts


4. Never get injured again

It’s so irritating to get hurt and have to recover. Wouldn’t it be awesome to just…never feel pain?

5. Multitask like a beast

Imagine processing and multitasking at the speed of a super computer in real time, only with physical results.

Multitask like a beast


6. Unlimited intelligence

While nature only lets us use about 12 % of our brain, what if we had access to the whole 100?

7. Construct things at will

Knowledge is one thing, creating with it is another. With both at your disposal, you could create anything you wanted.

Construct things at will


8. Live without an atmosphere

Imagine a world in which you could explore space without having to worry about oxygen. A few tweaks in our body and maybe that’s a possibility.

9. Self-healing mechanism

Suppose you encounter an internal issue, which you won’t, you could just heal yourself. Sounds good to me!

Self-healing mechanism


10. Infinite stamina

Keep on running…and running…and running. There’s no stopping you when you have minimal energy to lose and infinite stamina to give.

11. Change how you look and feel

Something you wish you could change since birth? Height, body, muscles? Just replace them and look however you want.

Change how you look and feel


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