What Does It Mean To Be The Prime Minister Of India?

3:00 am 17 Jun, 2014

Panchvati was the name of the forest home of Rama, Right? Apart from religious point of view, Panchvati has its significance in the Indian politics too. It’s the official name of our Prime minister’s residence at 7 RCR (Race Course Road). Isn’t it a little amusing, linking Lord Rama’s exile with the lavish workplace of the Indian PM?

But, after all he’s responsible for changing the life of the almost 1/6th of the world’s population.

Getting your official residence at 7 RCR is not easy, but it can be done, as illustrated by Narendra Modi’s victory. So, let us find out some rarely known six facts about the amenities provided to the incumbent Prime Minister of India.

6.  The Prime Minister lives in Panchvati Niwas

  • A well furnished accommodation to an Indian Prime Minister is provided at 7 RCR. Panchvati is spread over 12 acres of land, which comprise five bungalows in Lutyens’ Delhi.
  • The bungalows are named as no. 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. One of them is occupied by the SPG officials (Members of Special Protection Group). Visitors to the Protectee (PM) are accommodated at a guest house according to the need and PM’s convenience.
  • There is only single entrance to 7 RCR and the whole area surrounding Panchvati is ‘no-fly zone’.
  • Panchvati has massive lawns full of gulmohar and Arjuna trees, which are also homes to several birds such as the humble house sparrow (goraiya), parrot and peacock.
The Prime Minister lives in Panchvati Niwas

5. Stealth Security

  • Indian PM comes under the category of VVIP. SPG (Special Protection Group) is solely responsible for his protection. SPG is the executive protection agency of Government of India.
  • SPG comprises of ring round teams controlling the access of outsiders to Indian PM. They undergo rigid training similar to the one adopted by United States Secret Service
  • Visitors are expected to carry an identity card all the time. Only those people are allowed to enter the Panchvati complex, whose names have been registered by the PM’s personal secretaries with SPG.
 Stealth Security


 Stealth Security

(SPG in Action)

 Stealth Security

4. Cash Perks

  • Indian Prime Minister is the 11th highest paid among the global leaders and earns a handsome 6 figure salary.
  • His gross salary is INR 1, 60, 000 (1.6 Lakh) per month.
Cash Perks

3. Beastly Beauties on Road

  • The Indian PM receives a luxurious state car to conquer the roads. Presently, BMW 750i is the official car of the Indian PM. The BMW series luxury sedans are a great combination of luxury, security and comfort.
  • When the Prime Minister is on move, his cavalcade includes a black B7-level armored 2009 car and BMW 7 series high-security saloons. Usually an additional B7 series sedan acts as a decoy vehicle in his convoy.
  • The PM’s vehicle is designed to deflect heat-seeking missiles and bombs. It is loaded with automatic and semi-automatic weapons.
  • BMW7 series features a gas-proof chamber to avert gas attacks and has its own oxygen supply. Vehicle’s fuel tank in designed in such a manner that it doesn’t explode even when damaged.
  • The PM’s motorcade includes six BMWs.
  • A Mercedes ambulance, 5 armored black BMW X3 or X5s along with multiple Tata Safari’s with electronic jammer protects PM from external threats while on the road.
  • More often than not, Prime ministerial fleet includes more than 10 vehicles at a time excluding police escort vehicles.

Beastly Beauties on Road

Beastly Beauties on Road

Beastly Beauties on Road

Beastly Beauties on Road

2. All Above In the Air

  • Air India provides the air services to Indian PM via its official aircraft ‘Air India One’.
  • The flight number is always AI 1.
  • ‘Air India one’ is a Boeing 747-400 aircraft, which is primarily used for PM’s foreign trips.
  • The VVIP gear of flight includes a bedroom suite, a lounge and a six-seater office. The plane remains equipped with satellite phones, 4 pilots and advance weapons onboard.
  • The flight is monitored from Delhi’s Palam Air Force Station.
  • AI one has multiple anti-missile shields and a secure communication chamber with SAT link.
  • For domestic Air routes, IAF has 3 Business jets for PM called Rajdoot, Rajhans and Rajkamal.
All Above In the Air

All Above In the Air

1. Post Retirement Benefits

SPG commandos also take care of former Prime Minister’s of India (Generally for a year but differs). They also get:

  • All modern medical facilities along with a rent-free house in New Delhi for rest of their life.
  • Allocated a secretarial team of 14 for 5 years and then reduced to 1 PA and a peon.
  • Monthly pension of INR 20,000 which is revised periodically.
  • Unlimited Train Travel and 6 domestic executive-class air ticks per year.
  • Office expenses on actual for 5 years, then INR 6000 per annum.
Post Retirement Benefits

Post Retirement Benefits

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