MCD Teachers Still Waiting For Their Salaries; Not Paid Even After Court Order

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5:46 pm 3 Jan, 2016

Since October last year, nearly 16,000 Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) teachers have not been paid their salaries due to a dispute between MCD, the Delhi government and the Centre.

The teachers since then have been running from pillar to post requesting one or the other not to make them suffer for a dispute that has go nothing to do with them.


Facebook Vijay Jayra

Facebook Vijay Jayra

From taking out a candle light march, to staging repeated hunger strikes, to even approaching the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) with their case, the MCD teachers have done it all.


Facebook Vijay Jayra

Facebook Vibha Singh

The situation at current is as such that, even after the Tribunal gave the verdict in favour of the teachers and ordered the concerned authorities to pay the teachers, they are yet to take any action with this regard.

The court has given the concerned authorities 10 days to sort out their dispute out and pay these teachers their full salaries for the last three months.


Vibha Singh

Vibha Singh

With four days having passed since the CAT order, and with no visible move within these concerned authorities, the teachers seem to be getting restless and took a protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.


Facebook Vijay Jayra

 Vijay Jayra – MCD Teachers taking march at Jantar Mantar

The situation at Jantar Mantar became so heated that at one point teachers started to move towards the Parliament Street and Police had to intervene and even use water cannon to restrain them.


It was only after detaining these teachers for few hours that the situation came back under control.

Facebook Vijay Jayra

Facebook Vijay Jayra – MCD Teachers after being detained 

Over the months Delhi Government and MCD has been blaming lack of funds for the current situation, and have even hinted that it might go on till the commencement of the next budget in March.

The above situation doesn’t bring good news for these teachers as it implies that they will not be paid till April.

Talking about the whole issue, CAT petitioner and MCTA senior vice president, Vibha Singh exclusively told TopYaps:

“If the CAT order is not adhered to by 8th of January, then we will approach the higher court for contempt of court… If we still are not given our salary after all this, then what is the point of staying home, as our kids will still be hungry. We would rather continue with our agitation, even if it reaches the point of total lock down.”


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