MC Mary Kom Breaks Down, Alleges Regional Bias Still Part Of Boxing Selections and Trials

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12:05 am 26 Sep, 2015

Late on Thursday evening, while addressing a public event in Mumbai, India’s five-time World Amateur Boxing champion and Olympic bronze medallist MC Mary Kom broke down and alleged that she was facing regional bias during boxing selections and trials.

She accused Indian selectors of repeated bias against her even as she continues to prove herself in the ring over and over again.

The 32-year-old boxer told journalists:

“I will show who I am in the ring, that’s all. I don’t want to fight outside the ring actually. Whether this is fair or not fair…. well sometimes I feel very upset whether some of the referees/judges are not favour to me… But I doesn’t mind (sic), Okay, I am from northeast, no problem. But I’m Indian, I’m doing well in the ring.”

She then mentioned Haryana boxer Pinky Jangra, who competes in the same weight category as her, and alleged that she is being repeatedly favoured by the selectors despite being beaten by the world champion from Manipur many times.

She said:

“There are so many controversies. Pinky Jangra, I always defeat her and prove it to get a gold medal in every competition but they (boxing selectors) continue to support her,”

This is not the first time that Kom has brought this issue to media’s notice.

When the selectors picked Jangra for the Commonwealth Games 2014, Mary Kom claimed foul play in the the 51kg trial match for the selection that officially ended with the Haryana boxer’s win. Mary Kom alleged that the match was poorly judged and Jangra was awarded the win despite Mary having more punches on her in the one-sided match.

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