Why You May Want To Really Consider A Rickshaw Tour In Delhi

4:00 am 6 Feb, 2014

No matter how much developed the modern transport system has become—if you want to savor the true taste of India, you simple have to tour around the country in Indian means of transport. This works especially well in old cities like Varanasi, Kolkata, Allahabad, and of course Delhi.

You might have gone around Delhi numerous times, but have you wondered around the place in good ol’ rickshaws? Well, here are a few reasons why you must hop on to rickshaws to savor the charm of the place—

5. Chuck off the Heat

Delhi experiences extremes of temperature—either it’s too hot or too cold; and, for most of the Indians, no matter how hot the weather is, Delhi is to be toured only during the summers. Actually the idea isn’t bad—no biting cold, no dense fog till noon—only you have to know the right tit-bit in keeping yourself cool. Throw a light and bright dress, a pair of sandals and hop on to one of the rickshaws—and you’re good to go. Well, you might ask why rickshaws over AC cars—well, when you hop off, you won’t experience any temperature change and hence, will be spared of all the stupid side-effects!

Why You May Want To Really Consider A Rickshaw Tour In Delhi

4. Scrap of Unnecessary Expenses

Delhi, as you know, is one of the costliest cities around—a tour around the city in AC cars is surely going to burn wholes in your pocket. Yes, you may consider going around in buses (contracted tours) but that isn’t an option for the wanderers. Going around in rickshaw comes at much cheaper rates than the other modes of transportation and in cities like Delhi, an auto rickshaw can travel around just everywhere (unlike Kolkata, where it cannot convey on the important main roads). And, a cut in the cost while traveling around a new city is always welcome, since it gives you much more opportunities to splurge on in other areas—like, eating and well, shopping; after all, not many of us are unaware of the great street shopping hubs that the city has to offer!

Why You May Want To Really Consider A Rickshaw Tour In Delhi

3. Traveling Around Old Delhi is Traveling in Rickshaws

Your tour around Delhi is incomplete without traveling around the gullies of Old Delhi. And, if you know at least something about the latter, then you must be knowing about the famous, lanes which houses some of the fabulous shops and restaurants (like, the famous Karim’s restaurant). However, there are only two ways of reaching there—first, by foot and the next by rickshaws. Now the lanes are so creepy and dense, that anyone traveling for the first time, is bound to get lost—so, our recommendation would be to go around this place in rickshaws.

Why You May Want To Really Consider A Rickshaw Tour In Delhi

2. Rickshaw Drivers cum Guides

While traveling around the city, you’ll get guides at specific historical monuments—and if you want to have a personal guide for the whole day, it is surely going to cost you a Bomb. But, you needn’t worry any more—hop on to a rickshaw and hit it off friendly with the rickshaw driver and you just had the best guide ever. Now, these drivers may not be educated and polished, but they surely know a lot many local stuff about the city, its history and the current happenings (read: gossips) which even the polished guides won’t know. Besides, if you’re lucky then they might just take you to one of the brilliant shops or restaurants of the city which are quite in accessible to the tourists due to their creepy locations.

Why You May Want To Really Consider A Rickshaw Tour In Delhi

1. Traffic? Don’t worry, we’re in safe hands!

Another important reason why one should hop on to a rickshaw is Delhi’s (in) famous traffic. Sometimes, traveling even one kilometer in a motor vehicle might take you more than an hour! However, with rickshaws, the condition betters, if only a bit. The advantage of going around in a rickshaw is that it can overtake with ease and can adjust itself in teeny weeny lanes which even Nano won’t be able to fit in. Besides, the rickshaw drivers know all the narrow short cuts that Delhi houses! It’s kinda weird to know such a huge city by heart—but they do!

Why You May Want To Really Consider A Rickshaw Tour In Delhi

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