A 41-Year-Old American Health Co-Ordinator Married A 23-Year-Old Slum-Dweller On First Date

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8:41 pm 12 Apr, 2016

Emily (41) met Devesh Chavda aka Hitesh (23) for the very first time last week. Sparks flew between them and what was supposed to be their first date, turned into their wedding day.




Emily, who is a health co-ordinator from Montana, had befriended Hitesh on Facebook nearly a year back.




Despite a huge language barrier, sparks between the couple flew and after nearly a year of chatting via social media, Emily decided to come down to India to meet Hitesh in person.

Hitesh, who lives in an Ahmedabad slum, disclosed that the two would converse with each other via Google translator as neither of them understood each other’s language.




He said:

“I would copy and paste her messages using Google Hindi translation to understand what she was trying to say and I would then compose my own message in Hindi, translate into English and then send it to her.”

The method, though crude, seemed to work and they decided to move to the next step and started video chatting.

After nearly a year of romancing online, they felt it was time for them to meet in person and thus Emily decided to fly down down to Ahmedabad.

And hours after meeting each other, they ended up getting married in a Hindu ceremony.

Hitesh, disclosed that they both thought it was high time they got out of the phase of being indecisive and thus took the plunge almost instantly after meeting.

With no computer now, they are speaking to each other either in broken English or through gestures since they have met in person.




Hitesh’s family were initially unhappy about the cross-cultural and cross-continental relationship but over the days Hitesh has managed to convince his parents and they now support their relationship.

The two now plan to visit the US in a month to celebrate their honeymoon, but Emily wants to come back and settle down in India with her unemployed husband.




She has decided to learn Indian cooking and live with her in-laws in that very Ahmedabad slum.

When asked what attracted them towards each other, they said that they both both fell in love with each other’s simplicity and innocence.


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