A Khap Panchayat Asked A Married Couple To Live As Brother-Sister

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4:41 pm 23 Jul, 2015

In Haryana, there’s no stopping the outrageous diktats of khaps. A khap panchayat in Jind district has asked a married couple to live as brother and sister. The victims, Praveen Kumar and Poonam, were married five months ago, reports Firstpost.

According to the khap panchayat, their gotras fall under bhaichara category and, therefore, they cannot marry each other. They should not just separate, but also consider each other as siblings.

Living under extreme pressure from the villagers following the khap’s order, the hapless couple has approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court for protection.

Looking at the gravity of the situation, the high court last week directed the Jind SSP Abhishek Jorwal to provide security to the couple and their families who are on the run now.


Unlike many cases where the young lovers run away to get married, the marriage of Praveen Kumar, 25 and Poonam, 30, from Tarori village of Karnal district, had been arranged by their respective families.

In her petition before the court, Poonam said the khap panchayat humiliated her father-in-law and threatened to socially boycott their family. Kumar was summoned as well and told to publically announce Poonam as his sister. The couple went into hiding after Kumar’s family opposed the khap diktat.



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