Here’s Why You Need To Stop Procrastinating And Take That Plunge Of Running In A Marathon

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5:59 pm 28 Nov, 2016

Marathons are long, tiring and time-consuming. They might be great for a social media update but sweating out on all those miles? We, lazy procrastinators, would just find any excuse to excuse ourselves out of it.

However, take a peek on the other side and you’ll realize the innumerable reasons to take up running for a marathon.

Here are few of them:

01. Run to stay healthy

Running pumps up your energy levels, regulates your heartbeat, controls blood pressure and cholesterol level while improving your immunity.

02. Run to stay hot

Running regular marathons and attending their training sessions can instantly give your body that break from unhealthy lifestyle and a push to move towards a more disciplined lifestyle to lose weight. Moreover, sweating out some buckets will also detoxify your skin giving you a glowing skin.

03. Run to care for a cause

Most of the marathons arise from a charitable cause and participating in one will give you a sense of utmost satisfaction.

04. Run to meet new people

Marathons are emerging to be a great cause for meeting and engaging with new and influential people. Social, personal and professional engagements are naturally enhanced when you share a camaraderie with people you’re training, running and experiencing the highs and lows of a marathon.

05. Run to gain confidence

Marathons can cultivate a sense of competition, achievement and confidence. Running brings out the free spirited child in you while giving you a goal to run towards in literal sense. This indirectly affects your life wholly as you bring that same sense of fight and confidence in all areas of life.


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