Actor Manoj Bajpayee Distributes 1,000 Pairs Of Shoes To Poor Kids Who Can’t Afford Them

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6:09 pm 3 Aug, 2016

Promoting his upcoming movie “Budhia Singh – Born To Run”, actor Manoj Bajpayee on August 1 distributed 1,000 pairs of shoes to school children in Delhi along with Sports Minister Vijay Goel.


According to Bajpayee, the distribution was a small attempt to help children who are not able to afford shoes.


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In his movie, Manoj would be seen portraying real life character of Biranchi Das, the man who had coached a small boy named Budhia to run for marathons.

“Budhia Singh – Born To Run” is a biopic based on the life of a boy named Budhia Singh, who back in 2006 ran a distance of record-breaking 65 km between Puri and Bhubaneswar. He was four-years-old at that time.


India Times

Real Life Budhia Singh India Times

Budhia, was coached by a man called Biranchi Das, who was actually a judo trainer.

The onscreen character of Budhia Singh is played child artiste Mayur Patole.


Scene from Movie Rediff

Scene from Movie “Budhia Singh – Born To Run”. Rediff

Patole, was selected from a group of 12000 children who had auditioned for the role.

The movie “Budhia Singh – Born To Run” is set to hit the screens on August 5.

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