Mankhurd Police Nabbed The Molester With The Only Clue Of Color Of T-Shirt

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3:09 pm 7 Jul, 2016

Normally a lot of cases involving molestation remain unsolved due to various reasons. For instance, little or no details, make it longer for police to bring the person or persons responsible to justice.

However, Mankhurd (a suburb in eastern Mumbai) police solved a molestation case after getting the only clue of the color of the T-Shirt that the molester was wearing.



On June 25, the accused allegedly tried to force himself on a seven-year-old-girl inside a public toilet in Mankhurd.

The victim told the police that the man was young and sported a blue T-shirt with images of Shivaji and Krishna on it.


Assistant Police Inspector Sushant Mank said that after getting a tip that the head of a suburban mandal distributed 100 such T-shirts every year before going to Shirdi, the police traced the perpetrator after rounding up 100 people who have such T-shirts.

Mank said the police got the details for all the 100 T-shirts, including those that were gifted to people who were not part of the mandal. “The accused, Rahul Sawant (21), was not a member of the mandal,” he said.

Representational image mid-day

Representational image mid-day

Sawant (21) was identified by the victim when all those given the T-shirt were paraded before the victim.

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