This 7-Year-Old Manipuri Boy Has Created A World Record In Limbo Skating

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7:30 pm 24 Dec, 2015

Tiluck Keisam, a 7-year-old skating prodigy from Manipur, made India proud this past week, when he set a world record in the ‘Farthest Distance Limbo Skating Under Bars’ at Delhi’s Siri Fort Stadium.

Keisam, son of Keisam Ricky and Pravabati Takhellambam, has got an amazing talent in Limbo skating or roller limbo.

Tiluck has already etched his name in the Limca Book of Records on 25th May this year by performing a 50-metre limbo skate under a horizontal bar set at the height of 7.5 to 9 inches from ground level.

After etching his name in Limca Book of Records earlier this year, Tiluck has set a new on December 20, when he covered 116 meters distance as against the previous record of 50 metres in 31.87 seconds with cones and bars.



To make the challenge harder, the bars was set at the height of 28 cm from the ground level as against the required 35 cm and the gap between the bars was kept to 1.0 meter.


With a record in sight, Tiluck covered the distance of 144.7 meters without cones and bars in 56.01 seconds in a single run only.

Calling the record ‘a dream come true’, Tiluck was very happy to have achieved the feat in one go.


A student of Bluebells International School in Delhi, Tiluck has been limbo skating since 2013 and has participated in many competitions.

He currently holds a total of 42 medals and many certificates in hands besides holding a world record and a Limca book record.


On May 25 this year, Tiluck had registered his name in the Limca Book of Records when he had covered the distance of 50-metre while limbo skating under a horizontal bar, which was set at the height of 7.5 to 9 inches from ground.

Tiluck is coached by Rohtash Dinodia, and has also appeared on the Indian reality show called “I Can Do That.”


Talking about his prodigious student’s feat, Dinodia called Tiluck’s attempt at the Guinness Records, as ‘his best performance.’


The senior official at the Sri Fort stadium are now planning to send the video of his performance to the authorities of the Guinness Book of World Records.

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