14 Signs To Know Your Man Is Just Manipulating And Not Protecting You

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6:00 pm 28 Aug, 2015

Are you confused by the way your man behaves? One moment he is the perfect lover boy and in another instant, he is an overprotective bully who wants to control your life. Before you jump to any conclusion, we can tell you that in all probability, he is as confused as you are.

But do watch out for these signs to understand if he is the man of your dreams or your enemy from your previous life.

1. There is a fight (almost) each time you want to meet your old college friends who happen to be male.

He just doesn’t seem to buy that these relationships are purely platonic!

2. Your favorite LBD is his favorite object of criticism.

Would he rather make you wear it in the bedroom and model it for his eyes only?

3. All conversations that revolve around your exes make him very angry.

First he insists on knowing and now, he can’t get over it.

4. You get ultimatums about people on your Facebook friend list.

It’s like “Either they stay or I block you on FB!”

5. His Saturday nights are fixed as boys’-night-out but you are not allowed a girls’-night-out ever.

He would rather have you stay back and watch an Ekta Kapoor serial in your pj’s on the sofa.

6. The PDA becomes very obvious and embarrassing, when you meet other male acquaintances.

Do you need such an insecure boyfriend or someone who isn’t afraid to show that you two are in a committed relationship?

7. You seem to be always bartering irrational demands with breathing space.

Just because he knows that you like to be social and polite.

8. The humiliations are sugar coated and don’t seem accidental anymore.

At the end of the day, you feel humiliated and put down.

9. Every time you get late from work, he emotionally blackmails you by saying that you love work more.

Children, housework, even the dog have become a reason to bully you into guilt.

10. You get warned time and again for some silly mistake that you made a few years back.

Has life become similar to walking on a mine field? Will he ever forget the pink shirt that you had burnt by mistake?

11. Whenever there is a road block, you are the one who gets gyaan on how to do things correctly.

Once he blows the issue out of proportion you have to bend in to buy peace.

12. When you go on a diet ,he will embarrass you and make fun of you at the drop of the hat.

You instead end up binging and eating on the sly.

13. He always says that you mean the world to him and he is your man. But why don’t you feel it in your heart?

Maybe because he does not mean it in the first place!

14. If he tells you that he doesn’t approve of a friend, that friend disappears from your life after some time.

Have you even noticed that your social circle has become the same as his? Where have your friends disappeared?


Is he a self-proclaimed protector? Ideally, you shouldn’t allow that. There is no harm in having a boyfriend, lover, or husband who wants to protect you and keep you safe and cozy in his little world but you’ve got to be careful to see if he isn’t just manipulating you in the garb of being a-guy-who-protects-his-girl.


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