15 Ways In Which Guys Try To Manipulate Girls

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9:00 pm 11 Sep, 2015

1. Not being honest up front

Most guys will lie about their intentions. If you say you’re looking for a friend and nothing more, they will say that’s exactly what they want too. But in a short while, they’ll be making the moves on you.

2. Constructing make-believe scenarios

If you talk to some male, your guy will tell you so-and-so was saying you’re a slut and that he should be careful and not get serious about you – it’s a way to make you behave just the way he wants you to.

3. Lying about his past

If you’re looking for a more experienced guy, a virgin will tell you he’s had threesomes; if you’re looking for serious commitment, a Lothario will tell you that he loves you and only you. Be discerning.

4. Spending money on you

Sure, it may look like he really, really wants to make you happy, but sometimes they can start holding that over your head and end up convincing themselves and you that you ‘owe’ them something.

5. Using tags like “crazy” and “clingy”

Some guys act like a girl who wants to know what kind of a relationship she is in, is being clingy, so girls avoid broaching the subject and spend time in confusion. It’s manipulation. You deserve a serious and truthful answer.

6. Using “I love you” as a move

When some guys sense that the relationship could progress or stop from getting into a ditch if they get romantic, they will happily start spouting the three magical words. There’s no meaning behind it; it’s just a ploy.

7. Misinterpreting all you say

Many girls have asked a male friend for something harmless, got hit on and then been accused of leading them on. So, these guys will assume you asking them to go out for a movie means you want to fuck them.

8. Lying about you to others

If a basic loser gets scared about you leaving him or other guys hitting on you, he’ll start badmouthing you to his friends circle. Then he’ll tell you how they don’t like you but conveniently leave out the ‘why’.

9. Picking on you

For those guys who know they don’t have any chance of keeping a girl, their best move is to make the girl feel inferior. This involves making fun of her for minor things and insulting her to break down her self-esteem.

10. Half-assed compliments

So the girl makes an effort which the guy has to acknowledge; well, there’s a way around it. He will notice and comment on the effort but he will also express his “view” that it could have been done better.

11. Lying about other girls

Loser guys will try to tell the girl they’re with that she’s lucky to have them because other women want them. They’ll even name a few and because the girl gets insecure, she won’t bother talking to the “other girl” to find out.

12. Praising someone you hate

All of us have people in our lives that we could do without. If a loser guy knows that there’s this person who is in constant competition with you, he’ll always praise him/her, knowing that it has the potential to make you doubt yourself.

13. Using emotional blackmail

If you say “No” to watching cricket, he’ll say you’re like his vicious ex; if you want to go out to a club, he’ll tell you that you don’t appreciate him; all your wishes will have to bow down to his manipulations.

14. Fixing you in a mold

So when you met you said that you prefer to eat at home, but that doesn’t mean you hate going out to eat once in a while; likewise even a party animal likes nights in – but this guy will act as if this is a betrayal or you’re not being you.

15. Postponing everything

He won’t buy you a gift because you deserve something great, he won’t split the rent when you live-in because he wants to buy you a house – he’s basically avoiding spending anything on you or the relationship by promising a doubtful future.


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