Looting By Attendees Puts A Bitter End To The Two-Day Mango Festival In Lucknow

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6:55 pm 28 Jun, 2016

The two-day Mango Festival held in Lucknow ended on 27 June, 2016 on a bad note as stalls were looted by attendees at the festival.

Varieties of Mangoes


There were nearly 250 exhibits of around 30 varieties of mangoes at the festival. The first day of the festival went off alright.

Mago Festival Lucknow


The next day, a mango-eating competition was organized at the festival. According to the District Magistrate, this was what led to the looting.

Mallika mangoes


However, according to witnesses, around 5 PM, the crowd was at its peak while the stall owners had started to pack up.

Mangoes at festival


The crowd refused to leave and security personnel were sent to the scene. This caused a lot of pushing and shoving, creating havoc in the crowd.

Mago variety


Taking advantage of the situation, some visitors started to loot the shops. This melee lasted for about 20 minutes and was squashed by the police.

Mango Festival


Stall owners were disappointed as the first day saw a delayed inauguration while the second day saw looting. They blame authorities for mismanagement and being unprepared for the 20,000 crowd that turned up.

Lucknow Mango Festival


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