‘Moral Police’ In Mangalore Flog Muslim Man For Helping Hindu Woman

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7:23 pm 26 Aug, 2015

While in one part of India, Hindu and Muslims were marching hand in hand for unity, another part was busy stripping a Muslim man down and then flogging him for helping a Hindu woman colleague.

The incident puts Indian, and especially Mangaloreans, to shame. A 29-year-old Muslim man was first stripped and then flogged for over an hour after being tied to a pole just for trying to help a Hindu woman colleague.

The worse part of the entire episode was that even though it happened at a crowded marketplace of Mangalore, no one stepped up to help the man or even call the local police to stop the brutality.

Upon investigation, it was found that the Muslim man was a manager of an accessories store in Mangalore, and the woman who he was trying to help works as salesgirl in the same store.

Due to some financial crises, the woman had asked the manager for a loan of Rs.2,000 on Tuesday morning. They were heading to an nearby ATM to withdraw the cash when a gang of about 30 men attacked them.


On learning about the incident via a local TV channel, Police rushed to the location and were able to arrest 14 of the 30 attackers.

According to Hindustan Times, the attackers are suspected to be Bajrang Dal activists who were taking turns to flog the Muslim man.


While the Hindu woman was able to escape without much harm, she too was brutally slapped and tasked for trying to come to her colleague’s aid.

Such communal incidents in Mangalore are common, but the sad part is that even after living side by side for many centuries, there are people who cannot even accept the fact that two people from different religious backgrounds can walk together. And what about the time when politicians give a push along communal lines just to get a boost in votes? Does it speak highly of a country where every religion is supposed to live side by side and in harmony?

Instead of progressing, is India digressing?

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