Man Trying To Protect Wife Allegedly Thrashed By Staff Of Summer House Cafe

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3:44 pm 14 Sep, 2015

This is another incident that puts New Delhi to shame. Sanchit Agarwal, a resident of Delhi, was allegedly thrashed by the management and staff of Summer House Café.

The incident took place on the Saturday night when Sanchit, along with his wife, were exiting the café. It was then that a drunken man started misbehaving with his wife.


Coming immediately to his wife’s aid, Sanchit got into a verbal argument with the drunkard but soon found himself being dragged outside by a group of people.

Sanchit initially thought that they were friends of the drunken man, but to his horror he realised that it was the café management and staff.

Instead of helping him, they allegedly dragged and kept on hitting him.


Sanchit’s horror didn’t end there. He discovered that no one in the area stepped forward to help him. On the contrary they persuaded him not to approach the authority about the incident.

While angry at the crowd’s apathy, Sanchit called on the Police helpline number. The delay in their arrival of the police allowed the drunken man to flee the spot.

Only after repeated persistence did the police finally lodge a complaint.


A copy of the FIR shared by Sanchit on Facebook.

A copy of the FIR shared by Sanchit on Facebook.

Not happy with his ordeal, Sanchit took to social media and posted an appeal on Facebook requesting the public to boycott the café while making them aware of what had taken place.


#boycottSummerHouseCafe, #InsensitiveDelhi, #StandupforwomenhonorFurious and Ashamed to be a resident of Delhi, this…

Posted by Sanchit Agarwal on Sunday, 13 September 2015


Since the Nirbhaya incident, people have become much more aware of the power of social media and have constantly taken to Facebook and Twitter to make their voices heard.

Soon after Sanchit’s post went viral with over 3K shares at the time of writing, Summer House Café posted the CCTV video in response. They gave an explanation stating that though the management didn’t know about the drunk man misbehaving with Sanchit’s wife, when they had intervened the two had been fighting with Sanchit being the aggressor.


Hey Sanchit,We at Summer House feel that whatever happened last night with you and your wife was very unfortunate. But…

Posted by Summer House Cafe on Sunday, September 13, 2015

To this Sanchit responded:



Sanchit 2

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