What’s Next?! A Man Was Caught Peeing Inside A Delhi Metro Train Without Any Fear

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4:42 pm 22 Jun, 2015

Not even in your craziest dream you would have thought about it! But, this really happened. A man was caught relieving himself inside the Delhi metro and he pretended as if he was doing nothing wrong, reports Daily Bhaskar.

Despite other passengers being on the metro, the man, without any fear or shame, started peeing. When fellow passengers raised objections and reprimanded the man for this disgusting behavior, he replied  that this was the last train, so he could not afford to miss it.

The video of the incident was taken by a fellow passenger, who claimed that he brought this matter to the notice of CISF DMRC Helpline but no action was taken by the concerned authorities.

A senior metro official on the condition of anonymity, said:

“You tell us the train name and time only then we will be able to identify the person. No call was made to the DMRC helpline regarding this incident.”

Whether the call was made or not, the incident has raised important questions:

1. When the metro is always under CCTV surveillance, then why couldn’t metro officials haul up the man at the very next station?

2. Since, the incident was recorded and has gone viral too, why didn’t the Delhi Metro officials take any step?

3. What about  the safety of passengers, especially those travelling at odd hours?

4. People have wondered if metros should have washrooms inside the compartment? (But think of the unhygienic conditions they’ll create)


 So, what are your views on it! 
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