Frustrated Man Dances Before District Collector To Make His Plea Heard

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7:13 pm 24 Feb, 2016

Remember this scene from ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’?


A man in Mandsore, Madhya Pradesh, decided to protest in a similar non-violent yet eye-catching way – he danced.

Dashrath Suryavanshi was allegedly refused a hearing by the district collector on his plea of a waiver on his son’s school fees.

So this is what he did:


It appears that he was able to ‘please’ the collector with his performance because not only was his plea accepted, he was also assured that it would be entertained.

Suryavanshi told Times Now, “I went to different departments with my plea before going to the collector’s office. There I danced. The collector said that if I am poor, I’ll get the free education benefit under the Right To Education Act.”

Well, when a dance can get things done, wonder why people burn down public property. Try this!


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