This Man Saved Money For 10 Years To Buy An Animal Ambulance

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7:24 pm 9 Feb, 2016

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Ballu is just another common human being like the rest of us. The only out-of-the-box thing about him is…


…He saved money for over a decade and bought a van which he converted into an ambulance for pets and strays. He charges only 15-16 Rupees per kilometer.

His ambulance service takes injured, homeless strays and pets to veterinarians for treatment in Pune, India.



This man just wants to help animals. He and his wife have found their motive of living. Hence, they have dedicated their lives to animals in need.

Balu told Open India:

At first, I was a little afraid of dogs, Now this is my life, I cannot leave this. I will keep doing this forever.



Apart from taking animals to vets, Balu takes care of sick dogs and cats in his home, dressing their wounds and giving them medication.

He charges a nominal fee, only to fund the operation. He has several dogs and cats of his own. He also keeps those pets and strays who are in need or are lost.



Balu’s deeds are incomparable. Though, even after doing so much, he gets to hear harsh words from many people. Some people don’t understand his love for animals, some get surprised by all he does.

A lot of people love what we do, but some people don’t like me helping strays.


We salute what Balu does for animals. There are very few people like him who even try.

Watch the video to know more:

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