This Video Of A Man Beating A Woman Is Shocking, But The Comments Are More Dreadful

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6:38 pm 10 Jun, 2016

Human rights activist and author Kundan Srivastava posted a video of a man brutally beating a woman and another man on his Facebook page.

Take a look. It is horrible.

While posting the video Kundan, who in past has brought many social issues to the fore, said that though he didn’t have any “authentic information” about the incident, he believed that it is from somewhere in Bihar, UP or Jharkhand going by woman’s voice.

He disclosed that the video was shared on his page by one of his followers and after looking at the video he thought the beating might have taken place due to ‘Love Affair’.

The brutal beating seems to be taking place in front of the whole village, with many small children in attendance.




While Kundan clarified that he “condemns the incident” and urged the people to authentic the information, the comments on the video made it clear that India clearly remains divided on their view on what is the right action when such incidents take place.

Here are what few of the commentators said:





Some, however, condemned the brutality.






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