Mamata Banerjee Pledged To Remove PM Modi From Politics, Got Major Burns In Return

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12:01 pm 29 Nov, 2016

Opposition parties are boldly expressing their disagreement to Modi’s note ban. Mamata Banerjee, along with Arvind Kejriwal, even started doing rallies and protests demanding the removal of this currency ban as soon as possible.



The PM has already given a fitting response to the Bharat Bandh plans of the opposition parties. He has expressed that whatever he is doing, he is doing in favor of the poor.



Remember, earlier Mamata Banerjee gave a three-day warning to the PM to withdraw his demonetization rule? Now, didi has taken a pledge to remove PM Narendra Modi from politics. Here, take a look at this tweet…


But, Modi bhakts couldn’t digest such harsh words against their leaders and roasted Mamata Banerjee in the best possible way!








Even after facing so many issues because of demonetization, people are still with PM Modi. This shows that the citizens of India are with him in his decision against corruption and black money!

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